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Failopages is a blog designed to provide tips, tactics,image,videos and tools that are relevant to Fail.
It will provide users a variety of Fail – from start to finish.

This site was made to serve teh Directory listing of Fail Related websites for entertainment purposes


Define Fail


1. either an interjection used when one disapproves of something, or a verb meaning approximately the same thing as the slang form of suck.

1] “you actually bought that? FAIL” 2] “this movie fails.”

2. The Glorious lack of success
A baseball player swings at a ball and the ball instead hits him in the groin. FAIL!
3. An amazing word that can sum up almost any bad situation in a single syllable.A bad grade.

Sam: Urgh, my girlfriend just broke up with me. Soph: Fail!

4. A rather annoying word whose use in certain situations has greatly increased recently.Kind of like the word “shit,” “fail” is used by people who don’t stop to think of a better word to use, making them pretty much useless to society.
A kid falls off a bike. Douche bag: Fail! Person that can think rationally: Stop saying “fail” at people who weren’t even trying to succeed at anything in the first place.

5. To be unsuccessful; one who has not done something right

Wow, you Fail pretty hard

Epic Fail

1. When something can be seen to be a total failure
Urban dictionary? EPIC FAIL!
2. The highest form of fail known to man. Reaching this level of fail means only one thing:You must die, or the world will fail itself due to such an extreme level of failage.
<Noob>:OMG I gotz teh myspaces n mah yootoobs rool n sutf n u sux cuz u has no myscapes!<Me>: Epic fail.
3. Epic- Anything great, spectacular, or large/monumental in nature 

Fail- An inability to complete an objective, task or job either assigned or volunteered for.Epic Fail -A mistake of such monumental proportions that it requires its own term in order to sucessfully point out the unfathomable shortcomings of an individual or group.
Jack: Uh, dude? I may or may not have wrecked 14 ferrari’s with my moped after derailing a whole train carrying nothing but kittens and puppies…Jim: Epic Fail, Man. EPIC Fail.
1. A mass amount of fail that can happen anywhere at anytime that is being watched, talked about, and or made fun of by someone or something. <random dude 1>:Look at all those noobz geting pwned in Halo. <random dude 2>:Yeah! They really suck! <random dude 1>:I know! Just look at all that failage!
1. The act of failing; as to not achieve a desire goal/dream.Used in many forums, as a way of saying that particular person is a true failure to human kind or some other put down related insult.
“Your parents phailed.” = Your parents did not raise you correctly, or taught you wrong.”You phailed at life, hang yourself.” Self-explanatory.
2. Having a Ph.D at failing. That is to say, the person is BEYOND failure with lack of a saving grace in the eyes of others. 

Often for a marginal error, lacking knowledge or logic based on a specific type of common sense or in some cases a life choice that may not be glorified by the “in” crowd.
1. Being a 40-year old virgin is a person who phails at life itself.2. If you phail, you fail at failing and that’s the worse.3. Because you thought Master Chief would hit Smash Bros. Brawl, you phail to understand video games.4. I asked for a hamburger and you put cheese on it when I didn’t ask you to, you phail at taking orders.

History of Fail


today it has grown to countless number of sites blog and forum treads around the world now its time has come.

What’s With All the FAIL?

What’s with all the failing lately? Why fail instead of failure? Why FAIL instead of fail? And why, for that matter, does it have to be “epic”?

It’s nearly impossible to pinpoint the first reference, given how common the verb fail is, but online commenters suggest it started with a 1998 Neo Geo arcade game called Blazing Star. (References to the fail meme go as far back as 2003.) Of all the game’s obvious draws—among them fast-paced action, disco music, and anime-style cut scenes—its staying power comes from its wonderfully terrible Japanese-to-English translations. If you beat a level, the screen flashes with the words: “You beat it! Your skill is great!” If you lose, you are mocked: “You fail it! Your skill is not enough! See you next time! Bye bye!”

Normally, this sort of game would vanish into the cultural ether. But in the lulz-obsessed echo chamber of online message boards—lulz being the questionable pleasure of hurting someone’s feelings on the Web—”You fail it” became the shorthand way to gloat about any humiliation, major or minor.

The phrase was soon shortened to fail—or, thanks to the caps-is-always-funnier school of Web writing, FAIL. People started pasting the word in block letters over photos of shameful screw-ups, and a meme was born.

Which sort of brings us up to speed in late 2008, where a “taxonomy of fail” has been amply indexed and expanded by the uber-popular Failblog.

The fail meme hit the big time this year with the May launch of Failblog, an assiduous chronicler of humiliation and a guide to the taxonomy of fail.

But why is it so addictive and compelling a catchphrase? I blamez teh lolschadenfreudez. Why has fail become so popular? It may simply be that people are thrilled to finally have a way to express their schadenfreude out loud. Schadenfreude, after all, is what you feel when someone else executes a fail. But the fail meme also changes our experience of schadenfreude. What was once a quiet pleasure-taking is now a public—and competitive—sport.So let us rejoice in the epic celebration of one another’s hardships and misfortunes — who needs a long and clunky German compound word when we’ve got a single syllable, four-letter, gem that can be applied so effectively?

About FailOPages

September 19 2008 Grown out of Former Weblog it has launch its self into its own site catering to your needs of Failure.

this site is made for those who still looking for fail resources. like pictures,videos,ads,or just about anything related to fail. and went all over the net bringing fail

Quote : you set your goals too high but keep missing it but if you set your goals too low and keeps hitting it its called failure

Introduction to Fail

Failure in general refers to the state ○r condition of not meeting a desirable or intended ○bjective. It may be viewed as the opposite of success. Pr○duct failure ranges from failure to sell the product to fracture ○f the product, in the worst cases leading to personal injury, the province ○f forensic engineering.

Criteria for failure

The criteria for failure are heavily abased on context of use, and may be about to a accurate eyewitness or acceptance system. A bearings advised to be a failure by one ability be considered a success by another, decidedly in cases of absolute antagonism or a zero-sum game. As well, the amount of success or failure in a bearings may be abnormally beheld by audible assemblage or participants, such that a bearings that one considers to be a failure, addition ability accede to be a success, a able success or a aloof situation.

It may aswell be difficult or absurd to ascertain whether a bearings meets acceptance for failure or success due to cryptic or aside analogue of those criteria. Finding advantageous and able criteria, or heuristics, to adjudicator the success or failure of a bearings may itself be a cogent task.

Epic Fail
Epic Fail


Types of failure

Failure can be differentially perceived from the viewp○ints of the evaluators. A person who is ○nly interested in the final outcome of an activity would consider it to be an ○utcome Failure if the core issue has not been resolved or a c○re need is not met. A failure can also be a pr○cess failure whereby although the activity is completed successfully, a person may still feel dissatisfied if the underlying process is perceived to be below expected standard ○r benchmark.

  1. Failure to anticipate
  2. Failure to perceive

Fail Watching


“Fail watching,” unlike its brother only in rhyme whale watching, would be much more entertaining because you see someone fail much more often then you’d witness a whale leaping out from the sea in front of your ship. It would be similar to people watching (which often leads to the act of Fail watching at some point) except one would only be waiting for someone else to mess up. Failures noted while “Fail watching” should be subtle, not America’s Funniest Home Videos quality. None of this people falling down or getting hit crap because “Fail watching” frowns upon physical injury. “Fail watchers” are let loose to make assumptions based on little to no evidence, creating characters out of the people around them in order to develop a more lasting “Fail watching story.”




FOR MORE Fail Tips and inspiration

Websites Fail

When Faith Fails



the chart shows they like search for failing, unexplained trend?

no other reasons why a sudden surge of people look to Fail for answers or just searching for WoW!

Per day people search this much in Fail

This blog is for everyone who has a “Fail story, Picture, Article, Video , Site ” to show, tell, link & sell. That is why I am encouraging everyone who visits this blog to share their own Fail experience.

Just send to FileBlog with the subject FAIL SUBMIT # no. , and author name you want to be known as in the post!


from instant fail
from instant fail
epic fail blogger
epic fail blogger



these sites and forums have linked to failopages & who have found interesting. link to us if ever… if ever you have a know a site related to fail not in the list just comment it then will add it our list.

Your Fail Wiki






what makes this site different from other fail sites is its a directory of Fail




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