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The Atheist and His Stump September 3, 2013

Posted by frewon9 in Inspirational.


Christianity is so sure about the truth it possesses that it is open to all criticisms of this truth; yes, it even welcomes such criticism as a spur that ensures a better ride on the horse of truth. ~ Richard Wurmbrand

The master of a house once instructed his foolish servant to travel into town to retrieve flour and salt for the evening meal. He cautioned, “Do not mix the salt and flour.”


With only one plate to carry his purchases, the servant had the grocer pour the flour on the top side of the plate. He then turned the plate upside down and asked that the salt be poured on the bottom, not noticing the flour falling to the ground.

Returning home, his master inquired, “I see the salt, but where is my flour?” He turned the plate over to show him the flour and the salt too fell to the ground.


The one who says there is no God is like the servant in many ways. They have their salt but no flour. They will make their arguments of reasoning that there is no God, but refuse to hear of the convincing evidences of His existence. In crisis though, their salt is lost also.

The atheist looks only to the material world, ignoring that matter needs a maker. He will find himself sitting in a room staring at the floor and declaring the room has no ceiling. His refusal to look up gives him no reason to doubt his conclusion.

Consider the thoughts of Darwin who admitted, “The impossibility of concluding that this grand and wondrous universe with our conscious selves arose through chance, seems to me the chief argument for the existence of God.”

Isn’t it true for the atheist that atheism is self-evident? Why do they insist then on propagating the obvious? Shouldn’t they rather simply exclaim, “Eat, drink, and be merry; for tomorrow we perish.”

Instead, my new good friend Ark has these words for me:

Your reasoning demonstrates so eloquently the inculcation you have been subjected to.
The faculty of simple common sense has been blunted to the point that you have lost the power to look and listen to something and realize how ridiculous you would sound even to yourself if you were prepared to switch off the evangelist creationist soundtrack for two minutes.

To this please know that we Christians are not the enemy to the atheists… we are their friends. We love the atheist because love understands.



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