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Shipment of Fail “Ship” September 26, 2008

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Shipment of Fail Ship

the ship that made it to fame in the history of failure special thanks to its Crew and its Captain


Vessel Name – Ital Florida

Type of Vessel – Fully Cellular Container

Delivery Date: April 2007

Owner: Rickmers & Cie

Line: Italia Marittima S.p.a.

China-Adriatic Service (ADR)

Flag – Italy

Homeport: Trieste

IMO No.: 9308039

Length: 238.9 Meters

Speed: 22.4 knots

Draft: 12.03 meters

Gross ITC Tonnage -36,483.00 tons

D.W.T: 42,950

TEU: 3450


Once again mother nature can generate some powerful storms and waves. These waves can do a lot of damage to cargo and the vessel itself. As they say, pictures are worth a thousand words. Here (left) we have a picture of the container ship M/V Ital Florida on her maiden voyage departing port and below, the aftermath of mother nature at sea.

According to Cargolaw, the M/V Ital Florida made her maiden call at Hong Kong on April 20 2007. But the beginning of a busy career was interupted by a “Stack Attack” between June 16 & 19 2007.

This is the brand new Italian flaged container ship
M/V Ital Florida, particulars include: Length: 238.9 Meters (783.7 ft). Draft: 12.03 meters (39.4 ft). Gross ITC Tonnage -36,483.00 tons

The M/V Ital Florida lost at least three fully loaden containers in severe seas between June 16 & 19 in the Arabian Sea. The ship faced wave heigths of 7-10 m height (22 to 32 Ft). The M/V Ital Florida was running with almost 16 knots. The ship’s deck also suffered storm damage.





You see is isn’t the crews fault this happened yet in a change of luck and faith its now known as the shipment of fail ship.

the next time you have a cargo to be shipped tell them if its fail choose the M/V Ital Florida to deliver the goods. its always almost ontime.




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