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How to make a prayer to protect your home June 5, 2013

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How to make a prayer to protect your home

You could say that we live today in a world totally extreme, ie, our society is full of love and hate, joy and injustice, smiles and tears. Cheers aside, we need to consider that violence seems to grow increasingly year after year, and this situation becomes increasingly complicated resolution for human justice.

This misunderstanding between men and ambitions, we are the main victims. We leave for work or school and can not really ensure that back, at least physically intact. The waves of terror groups and criminal gangs are on street corners, alleys, squares and even in places we frequent. Stay tuned ace suspect attitudes that may appear when we least expect and avoid places and times are attitudes that we can not neglect to our own integrity and survival.

The horror of these attacks against human life is not just restricted to the external environment or the “world seen by the TV screens and computer” and, sadly, even our own home may suffer attacks or invasions by the hands of crime and violence man insists grow and spread in its existence.

How to make a prayer to protect your home

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The family is the foundation of any society and supported this thesis, we must always act and preserve this factor as important for the continuity of life and good relationships between the children of God with their differences and similarities. It is the duty of the state to protect us from threats and evils committed by firearms, bombs and other violent acts and we will is hope for better days in which everyone can really understand and appreciate the meaning of the word “Fraternity and Peace” = “Marriage and Love”.

If you are a Christian, believes in the sovereign powers of God and the Saints, check out this prayer to protect your home and your family from the evils and dangers which, unfortunately, may be hanging around the walls of our homes and surroundings. Cover with this request to the skies, blessing your home, away from any curse that can circumvent or want to invade your home.

Prayer to protect House – How To:

As this is a collective prayer for grace, gather your family after dinner or at an opportune time to undertake together will, because the union is stronger than any individual attitude. Ask everyone will do the sign of the cross, give up your hands and direct them to repeat these words:

“Lord Jesus, We gather in your presence, to give thanks to life and ask you will protect this house and those who live here. Deliver us, Lord, from all enemies, curses, envy, violence and all the evil that might enter the residence. Deliver us, Lord, those who disseminate cruelty and move the wars, the bloodthirsty and evil conspirators who insist on ending the holy family. Deliver us, Lord, those who might try to arm or against this family and this house and attempting to invade the tranquility of this holy home.Deliver us, Lord, those who bully, steal, humiliate and terrorize for gold or for pure pleasure, threatening the physical and mental health of its victims. Deliver us, Lord, these cowards, who do not think or lengths against human life. We ask you, Lord, to come to our aid, protecting us from every evil, so that we can, will each new day, pray and thank you to life and the opportunity to live in thy word. Protect this house, Lord, for there is no greater security than your love and faithfulness. By our love for you, beg you, Lord: Take care of our home today and always. Amen! ”

How to make a prayer to protect your home

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It is important to awaken in his family the power of prayer and motivate them will thank and trust in the promises and divine powers. Believe it or not, prayer nourishes the spirit, removes curses and brings the souls of true peace, which before being abroad, needs to be inside. Take everything to God and to Him you shall have everything.Good Luck!



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