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Teh Squatter Project Study March 9, 2011

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The Reseachers other journal

Made by a group of researchers during their past time to study the way the world works

the human psychology project

Base on facts and fictional documentary of unknown proportion and trends these reports will study the concept of what drives such collective consciousness where in a group of this people behave.

Project 1:


The squatter project: analyzing the growth and decay of a element

Squatter these are people illegally occupied a area

As define

Squatting is the act of occupying an abandoned or unoccupied space or building, usually residential, that the squatter does not own, rent or otherwise have permission to use. Squatting is significantly more common in urban areas than rural areas, especially when urban decay occurs. According to author Robert Neuwirth, there are one billion squatters globally, that is to say about one in every seven people on the planet. Yet, according to Kesia Reeve, “squatting is largely absent from policy and academic debate and is rarely conceptualized, as a problem, as a symptom, or as a social or housing movement.

5 year mission research where now researchers have researched before

The study

Our group of researchers device a experiment some time ago that involves doing human Guiney pigs

Ok so what about it firs we acquire an area of land strategically located in certain areas in the city

The countries selected as fail states or messy ones

The areas of land selected are like Petri dishes use in the lab used to study microbes and they should be sterile with life sustaining element nearby.

With some research we got some funding from government and institutions in order to study this as to propose understanding of economic control and harmony, if ever it’s a success.

We search for land from multiple sources like disclosure from banks, lots for sale by their owners, some government lots

Ok so this what we got in result

20 selected lots in 20 different places base on the demographics of our chosen countries but only 5 are well documented in detail

The cost

This project won’t cost as much as a small fraction of  LHC in fact unlike the LHC which is purely research this project aims to application to society the immediate its completed (if successful)

Folks . this is where some of the tax payers money goes ,to research more about society.

The break ground

The time when we began our break ground event simultaneously in 20 lots across the world week after week of opening and party. Don’t know whether is appropriate to ask a priest to do a house blessing on every launch of this experiment. But some one told be that’s where the extra funding went….

The plan calls for an average or minimum (_____in area) just like preparing your petri dishes for samples to be collected . the land should have a running water supply in minimum and not very far from the city.

The instruments

We have to setup several monitoring stations viewing the area and several sensors like visual cameras ,x-ray, thermo, acoustic , etc. but all this monitoring equipment are hidden around the area so not to disturb the sample.

Some suggested to even try an low earth orbit monitoring telescope..because of the cost I would rather propose some high alt. balloons as observation system as well as micro UAV for those near shots and some heavily disguise operatives to do behavioral monitoring.

Delivery of the samples (specimens)

The next step is to prepare a delivery vehicle somewhat like a swab used to collect samples for the experiment. The propose vehicle was suppose to be a storm trooper delivery vehicle or the pelican similar to the one use in halo or starwars but all we got as for the mean time was an Russian airship dubbed as the Kirov somewhat like the ones from red alert .

The propose plan is to use the tractor beam ..wonder where to get that or a oversize plunger to pick up the samples then drop them of to the experimental area , note: the specimen must not be far from its pick up zone or else there will be transport issues after the experiment.\

The samples will be dropped to selected regions by an pod unlike of the ODST(obital drop storm troopers) they will be drop off by an Kirov airship.

The sample is cultivated

Ok how do you cultivate such sample ? the answer is intelligent the fact as we know when a plot of land is left un occupied un monitor or secure eventually this odd settlers will occupied the area and over long periods they grow and mutate to a point its almost impossible to evict them even with the use of our current high tech aircraft know only by its roll as the evicteator , not even evict roll can help.

Ok so much for that explanation, we go to the next phase

That sample will introduce new strain of sample to come and occupied the area to appoint it will be saturated

The growth rated is some what proportional relationship to land size available nutrients and not only they remain 2d they can go 3d into vertical flimsy high-rise made of stuff you throw away.

This portion is the monitoring investigation on the area during the duration in the year, it will be a while until more data is crunch to be added to this section.




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