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“Quarterlife Crisis” when you feel like you just failed September 8, 2009

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Quarterlife Crisis

Are you twenties not turning out like you thought they would? Do you have absolutely no clue what you want to do with your life or feel overwhelmed by the amount of choice and variety of opportunities set in front of you?

As one reaches a certain age, one will start questioning oneself about various stuffs like directions, self-worthiness and emotions. It is a cross-junction in life where major decisions are to be made.

Its a stage of life that is not often given enough attention or talked about is the time period from one’s early twenties to early thirties. The term “quarterlife crisis” has been used to describe the uncertainty and panic for those in this age group. The quarterlife crisis affects nearly every area of the life of someone going through it including career, romantic relationships, friendships, family, and even one’s spirituality. For people who have experienced this time or are currently experiencing this time, you might find yourself wishing someone had all the answers. The hard part is, no one is going to just give you the answers. The other hard part is that you yourself are the one with the answers. The only thing someone else can give you is advice on surviving this exciting, but often scary time.


What Exactly is a Quarterlife Crisis?

Symptoms (Including but Definitely Not Limited to):

  • depression
  • insecurity about the future
  • questioning one’s identity
  • second-guessing career choices
  • extreme nostalgia for the past
  • boredom
  • isolation
  • doubting everything
  • panic attacks
  • feeling like something is missing

Pre Quarter Life Crisis

This is where a young adult will start to face the real world. Some will choose to further their studies in the hope that with a better paper qualification means a better career. Some will forgo further education, find a job and joins the rat race. Then there will also be some who are uncertain as to what they want and choose to bum around instead.

Peers’ Pressure

Those who opt for university studies will have graduated and perhaps found a job, hopefully in a good position and with a decent salary. This is the point in time where everybody is different now. No longer are they the same classmates you have in school where everyone is of equivalent status. Everyone now has different job, different position and different career paths. Furthermore as one step into society, one will get to meet more people through work or mutual friends. The common topic of discussion during gatherings will be no doubt be about one’s work. One must say that although life is not all about dollars and cents, but still uncertainty and lack of confidence might surface after knowing someone who is around your age, be it your friend, second degree friends, third degree friends are doing financially better. Peers’ influence as one calls it, where one tends to lose self-esteem or even look down on oneself.

In addition to that, the stress of daily work, worthless office politics and insecurity about one’s future may prompt some to feel nostalgic, dwelling upon the carefree days of yesteryears, of one’s school life and teenage hood where one does not have a care in the world.

Perhaps the most important aspect of quarter life crisis. Everyone needs companionship, in this case love. Some lucky ones might get plenty of it while some none at all. As one gets older, one will find it harder to acquire it.

Do or do not, there is no try

Everyone will experience quarter life crisis at one point of time in his or her life. Unless one is truly optimistic, this is something we all have to overcome. We make our own future so take destiny in our own hands.

Helpful Tips on Surviving the Quarterlife Crisis:

  1. Relax. First of all, it’s okay. You’re not alone. A lot of people feel this way. You’re allowed to not know what you want or, if you’re lucky enough to know what it is that you want, it’s okay to not be sure how you’re going to get there. You’ll get there, if you try. You may fail, but that just means you have to take an alternate route. Explore.
  2. Don’t settle. Right now is not the time to stick with a job just for the money. If you’re unhappy, now is the time to quit your job and find what makes you happy. Most people at this age don’t have a family to support or mortgages to pay, so now is the time to do it. The same goes for everything in your life, including relationships: you don’t have to settle for ANYTHING if you’re not happy.
  3. Follow your heart. As cliché and obvious as it sounds, it’s still easier said than done. Now is the time to follow your heart. If you want to backpack across Europe, do it. If you want to work at a rock club for minimum wage, do it. You’ll find a way to make it happen. Of course it won’t always be easy, but the peace and happiness you feel internally when you close your eyes and sleep at night is well worth it.
  4. Don’t do it just for the money or for anyone else. First of all, if you take a job or do something for those reasons, you will not last. Money should never be the motivating factor.
  5. Talk. Discuss your fears with a friend, family member, psychologist or complete stranger. You’ll find that others have experienced everything you’re feeling and they can offer advice or just reassurance that everything will be okay.
  6. Enjoy it. You’re only young once.


If your going through this just share it some one may help.

heres a book related to this article


Adrienne Christina Miles




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