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Events this sept – later September 4, 2009

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Why Acquisitions Fail workshop, 30th September 2009

This very popular one-day workshop is run by Denzil Rankine, Chief Executive of strategy consultants AMR International. It is based on Denzil’s third book “Why Acquisitions Fail”.

Denzil highlights the reasons for failure and allows future acquirers to learn from these mistakes and make their own acquisition strategies more successful. Livingstone Partners provide input to the transaction execution part of the day.

Delegates learn about acquisition strategy, execution and post-deal management; they leave with useful checklists and tips to avoid failure.


For further information contact:
Katalin Lugosi,
AMR International

Tel: 020 7534 3860
Email: katalin.lugosi@amrinternational.com



Second Session – (September – December 2009) Course Number: 231792909

Sign up your whole team and receive a discount! To arrange for group pricing, please contact Raymond.Sirochman@asminternational.org

Series Title Instructor Date Product Code Time
Series 1 – PFA Fundamentals General Procedures for Failure Analysis Ron Parrington 9/10 230492909 12-1 PM EST
Types of Failure and Stress Ron Parrington 9/17 230592909 12-1 PM EST
Ductile and Brittle Fracture Ron Parrington 9/24 230692909 12-1 PM EST
Series 2 – PFA Tools & Techniques Fractography I – Visual Examination of Failures Ron Parrington 11/3 230792B09 12-1 PM EST
Fractography II – Imaging Failures Dave Christie 11/10 230892B09 12-1 PM EST
Fractography III – Microscale Fractography Ron Parrington 11/17 230992B09 12-1 PM EST
Scanning Electron Microscopy Dave Christie 11/24 231092B09 12-1 PM EST
Series 3 – PFA Types of Failures Fatigue Failures Ron Parrington 12/3 231192C09 12-1 PM EST
Corrosion Failures Neil Burns 12/10 231292C09 12-1 PM EST
Wear Failures Ron Parrington 12/17 231392C09 12-1 PM EST


Ron Parrington, P.E.
IMR Test Labs

Dave Christie, CWI
Sr. Failure Analyst, AWS Certified Welding Inspector
IMR Test Labs

Neil Burns
Manager of Failure Analysis & Metallurgical Engineering
IMR Test Labs

Course Overview
A light overview, this course presents a very practical approach to failure analysis.
Fundamentals of failure analysis
• failure analysis procedure
• types of failure and stress
• ductile and brittle fracture

Tools & Techniques for failure analysis
• Macro-scale fractography – fractographic features and techniques
• Micro-scale fractography – fractographic features and techniques

Types of failure
• fatigue
• corrosion
• wear

What You’ll Learn
Series 1 – PFA Fundamentals

General Procedures for Failure Analysis
• Understand general procedures, techniques and precautions in failure analysis
• Become familiar with various features of the more common failure mechanisms

Types of Failure and Stress
• Understand the types of loading (i.e., axial, bending, torsion) and the resulting deformation
• Be able to resolve stresses into shear and normal components
• Understand the creation, affect, and elimination of residual stresses

Ductile and Brittle Fracture
• Learn how stress systems relate to fracture of ductile and brittle materials
• Identify macroscopic and microscopic fracture features

Series 2 – PFA Tools & Techniques

Fractography I – Visual Examination of Failures
• Learn a systematic approach for examining fractures
• Learn how to “read” fracture surfaces

Fractography II – Imaging Failures
• Learn practical techniques for viewing and photographing macro-scale fracture surface features

Fractography III – Microscale Fractography
• Know the four micro-scale fracture surface morphologies for metals
• Learn some basic fracture surface features for nonmetallic materials

Scanning Electron Microscopy
• Learn practical SEM techniques for viewing and photographing micro-scale fracture surface features

Series 3 – FPA Types of Failures

Fatigue Failures
• Become knowledgeable about typical fatigue characteristics and learn how to identify them
• Learn the different types of fatigue testing and how fatigue data are presented

Corrosion Failures
• Learn the various corrosion mechanisms and how to prevent corrosion
• Understand what environmental sources are responsible for failures

Wear Failures
• Learn the various wear mechanisms and how to mitigate wear
• Understand friction and lubrication

Who Should Enroll
• Failure analysts and novices interested in failure analysis
• Technicians, engineers, designers, manufacturers, lab types

Suggested Prerequisites
• Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist
• Elements of Metallurgy
• Metallographic Interpretation
• How to Organize and Run a Failure Investigation
• Mechanical Testing knowledge is helpful



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