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Starting the year with fail January 7, 2009

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It’s probably not a good sign, but as usual some one started the year off with fail.

sample of these

New Year’s Disaster In Thailand

CLAIMING THE DUBIOUS RECORD AS THE first major fire disaster of 2009, a blaze swept through an upscale nightclub in Bangkok, Thailand, right at the stroke of midnight this morning. So far there have been 61 dead reported along with more than 200 injuries.


The Santika Club is two stories plus a basement with performance stages on all three levels. Last night, with more than 1,000 revelers packed into the club, the New Year countdown was in progress in the basement showroom and a spectacular fireworks display was set off as part of the entertainment program. (Note: Some later reports are saying that the fire began on the 2nd floor for the same reason….FG)

Early speculation along with eyewitness reports says that the fireworks ignited materials in the basement ceiling and began spreading. The 3-story building has only one public entrance/exit and the jam at the basement stairway trapped many inside.


Although details were sketchy, witnesses said clubbers were given sparklers shortly before midnight and as soon as clocks heralded the start of 2009, fireworks started going off inside the dance area, sparking a conflagration.

Failure is still acceptable. And we need to keep it that way. It’s well known that most new businesses fail and that successful entrepreneurs are the ones who keep trying until they get it right. Failure, in other words, is a vital part of any culture, because it makes you smarter and often you get another chance.

But failure is stigmatized in some other countries with less of an entrepreneurial culture. That could happen here, too, if we keep spending billions to rescue people who make billion-dollar mistakes. If risk is going to come with rewards, it needs to come with consequences, too.



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