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guide to complete failure Graphic Designer October 20, 2008

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Contracts are for Sissys.

Written agreements take too long. As there’s all that fine print legal mumbo jumbo in them. As a freelance graphic designer you have no need for them anyway. I mean, come on, people always do what they promise, right? And don’t worry about any misunderstandings that come about without written agreements – they’ll work themselves out…somehow.

Deadlines are Stupid.

Deadline, who cares about them? Not you! They are just “suggestions” anyway. If you need more time, or just want to blow off the day, then go ahead. Oh, and don’t even bother to tell the client that you are not going to have their design done when they want. Clients love surprises. They are just so honored to be working with a talented designer like yourself.

It’s OK to be Flaky.

Everyone knows that artistic and creative types are flaky. It’s actually expected. So it’s perfectly fine to not return phone calls or respond to emails in a timely manner – you’ll get to it eventually.

The DESIGNER is Always Right.

That’s right – the designer is always right. You may have thought that the customer is always right, but not when it comes to design. You’re the one that went to art school, right? When you and your clients have different views about the design of a project – you must always insist that your direction is right, and you must refuse to change your design no matter what.

Surprises are Fun, Especially on Invoices.

Nothing makes a client happier when you surprise them with an invoice that’s a lot higher than what you initially talked about. It’s great when you add on lots of extra charges.

Get your cheap logos right here.

And cheap website, cheap flyers, cheap brochures and more!

Make sure your prices for graphic design are the lowest. Let your clients know that you’ll beat any price – no matter what. That way, you’ll be sure to have lots of work. And don’t worry that you’ll have to take on every project that comes your way and work into all hours of the night just to earn a living – sleep is for the weak!




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